Education ministry on the lslands

Making education available for the children of Kalangala islands has been our dream for several years. We found the school room void of both teachers and students.
We began bringing teaching programs to Bubembe, one of the islands of Kalangala where no other NGO exists. Soon the parents trusted us enough to ask for an education program for their children. Formerly, these same parents desired only that their children learn to fish. While we will never know the extent of their mindset, we would like to think that we were small instruments in the hands of God that have helped change these young lives.

In January 2011, Vkids Trust Uganda started activities on one of the 84 islands. VKIDS Trust Uganda started with 10 children in the sponsorship program.

The Education Ministry on the Kalangala Islands of Lake Victoria

In 2009 VTU found a school room void of teachers and students. About a year later, a teacher came to that school alone to start teaching all four classes. The parents organized different ways to raise school fees themselves.

Today VTU were shocked to find an additional building and staff quarters being added to that one solitary school room. We thank God for moving the people in such a way that they now value education for the children of the island. SInce 2011 VTU has been getting different teams and well wishers to distribute basic school supplies to the parents and schools. These supplies are part of the items required by the education system. Each child that is not provided with these items to bring to school, are sent home and miss out on the chance for a quality education.

The founder, Victoria Namugenyi, believed that there were about 500 school-age children on that island of which only half had the opportunity to go to school.

VTU has faithfully served the people on this island for some years now and believe God has opened the doors for us to make a real difference. Last year we had a team of four members from USA who blessed both children of Bubembe and Mweena landing sites with clothing and scholastic materials. Since then, we hold a kids club and several childrens programs every Saturday for bible lessons and games.

Teaching supplies for the islands.

Pretty much anything is hard to come by on the islands, unless it grows there.
You can only imagine the costs of the distribution system for the residents of this remote but beautiful place.

This was our first visit to the islands. We had games with the children, and the number was so big. We tried to distribute what ever was bought to them.

The part of the program that year included a short Bible story teaching about the creation. The children that enrolled in Vkids Trust Uganda are young and so starting “in the beginning” was perfectfor their first lesson. They started the school year with the knowledge that God created everything. God created them, and God loves every one he created.

We used a few coloring pages and observed the skill level of each child. Only a few were able to color with any sense of order. So many of the children behaved as though they did not quite know what to do with the pencils and paper. Can you imagine! What child doesn’t even know how to scribble? We had fun trading colors and showing God how thankful we are for his beautiful creation by making these pretty pictures.


This team also engaged in campaigns for Alcoholic Recovery which are headed by Derek Bratton. This program has made a very big change on Mweena landing site. The meetings always take place in two different locations including: Kalangala Town on Friday evening and Mweena village on Tuesday afternoons. We even have the ongoing programs for needy women of Mweena landing site. In this group, women attend bible classes, Art and Craft lessons, English language classes and workshops on AIDS awareness with NACWOLA officers